Brewing for changes


In this world, what we make
and what we buy is our power.
Don’t waste it.


of all greenhouse gas emissions
in the world are generated
by food and drink production & distribution.


of all food and drinks
produced are never consumed.


of bread go to waste each year
in Belgium.

Source: UN Food and Agriculture Organization, 2021

Today’s food & drink industry is not working for the planet, so we’re building a community of waste warriors who want to change that. This is our No Waste promise.

We brew delicious Belgian beers using unsold bread from local organic bakeries. We’re always testing new recipes and methods for bringing the taste without generating waste ;)

Our Republic of conscious consumers, bakers, brewers, distributors, and proprietors make up an ecosystem that aims to build a more sustainable future. Together we fly the flags of collaboration, transparency, and fair pricing!

Our engagements

  • 01. People

    No Waste Republic drinkers are a community of waste warriors that take everyday steps towards a more just and healthy planet. We strive to build fair, transparent and long standing relationships with every of our partners, from our own team to our local malt producers.
  • 02. Planet

    No Waste Republic is constantly looking for ways to reduce waste and carbon impact. We only work with the highest quality local organic raw materials. We have started delivering small orders in Brussels by bike to help reduce traffic in our beloved city.
  • 03. Promise

    We commit to analyzing our impact in order to keep reducing waste at every step, because that’s how we stay true to our manifesto. Today, 40% of the cereals we use to make beer are recycled. We don't believe in perfection but we are big fans of improving every day.
  • 04. Palate

    We’ve packed all of the local Belgian expertise, quality, and taste that we could into our beers. We’ve partnered with local universities to identify which types of bread (grains, nuts, seeds, and yeast) make the most delicious taste profiles.
  • 05. Potential

    We’re just getting started in our No Waste adventure–there’s still a lot of unsold bread that never finds itself being reborn! We’re committed to talking the talk and walking the walk for a better system. We hope you enjoy drinking these brews as much as we take pride in making them.

Our beers

Beer Flower Power No Waste Republic GRAIN AGAIN No Waste Republic

Flour Power - Pale Ale with organic bread
Our original beer. Spread the love!
33cl  . Alc. 6,2%

This Pale Ale is a traditional bitter ale, a subtle balance between cereals and hops, resulting in a freshness with a hint of spice. It goes wonderfully with cheese and can be enjoyed alone or with a meal. It’s the one that started it all.

Flour Power is our homage to the economy of tomorrow, the paradigm shift we seek to accelerate, and to the importance of collaboration in our development.

Grain again - Pilsner with organic bread
That refreshing lightness. Why not have another?
33cl  . Alc. 4,9%

Imagine – an unwanted loaf, reborn into something even greater! We work with recycled bread to make all our beers, and this bottle-conditioned Pilsner is the easy-drinking, thirst-quenching, people-pleasing, any-time-of-day beer that we all deserve.

Grain Again also refers to the circular aspect of our production. With Grain Again we celebrate our partners’ efforts to reduce food waste, our recycling process, and our bulk beer distributor (Bière En Vrac).


Behind every great beer is a great relationship. We choose our partners based on a shared love of good beer of course, but also local community-building, eco-responsibility, and plain-old positive vibes. We operate with full transparency, and ensure that everyone is fairly compensated for their contribution to the project. No Waste Republic drinkers are a community of waste warriors that take everyday steps towards a more just and healthy planet.



For more than 100 years, Brasserie de Brunehaut has been leading the way in organic and sustainable brewing. They are the first B_Corp certified brewery in Europe. This is where the NWR adventure started.


Bonpain supplies organic surplus bread to Brunehaut for NWR. They are a family-owned bakery specialized in the transformation of organic cereals into flour, bread, muesli, pasta, and bakery products.